Orem 2 Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory, a general. Florence Nightingale, Hildegard Peplau, Virginia Henderson, Fay Abdella, Ida Jean Orlando. ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF IDA JEAN ORLANDO NURSING THEORY: ` THE DYNAMIC NURSE-PATIENT.

She received her nursing diploma from New York Medical College, Lower Fifth Avenue Hospital. Ida Jean Orlando, a first-generation American of Italian descent was born in 1926. Nurses question: What is Ida Jean Orlando’s metaparadigm in nursing. METAPARADIGM CONCEPTS Human/Person An individual in need. Ida Jean Orlando was born in 1926 in New York and is a first. In the Family Stress theorys metaparadigm, nursing is responsible in assisting families in the process of adaptation by promoting.

Dorothea orem metaparadigm
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